This is a descriptive essay that depicts the reality of certain agents in the academic arena; it is neither personally nor intentionally written to reflect the study habits or behaviours of certain group of STUDENTS in any especial school. It is a result of some years of living and teaching in the U.S 

The Intervened, The Not so Good and the Good Academic Dream STUDENT


English Literature


     There are almost certainly different types of successes or failures in some students. Students acquire different and effective methods of triumphing or failing in diverse ways propelled by family, school and society. If you know of unusual but highly successful types, feel free to mention those; but I expect that the rare sort might tend to look riskier on the spectrum of the entire school world.

When any thought of cynicism arises, it conjures an image of bitter English literature class session. However, this disease is rampant now among certain students and it is certainly no surprise with the mist of food, cars, junkie-fashion, money, ragged uniforms, Johan´s Brothers, ugly ducky, and of course girl-friends that assault them with the frenetic pace of a moving from their assemblies to the classrooms.

Yet there is no better example of the reason of certain behaviors; however, it is essential to declare that this is an oversight.  What do you think?

     student-with-no-name or wannabe is short, swift and polished nails to fine sheen. She could be wearing anything different from the uniform, but you can bet she put more thought into her outfit than you did before getting ready in the morning. Her theme song is “I’m Too Sexy” which she shows off in her t-tight shirt that was bought in  a 7.99 offer in JCPenny, TGMAX, AG.WRIGHT or even WALTMART; and she enunciates with stifled laughter that  she is shrewd implying that she does not even know how to spell the word “S.H.R.E.W.D” and her opening line is, “Where have I been all your life.”

In other words, students from other schools run into this gem in bonfires, forums, UN Model team or even community masses where her giggling with her associates reflect their instinct of being adulated like Mathilde in “The Necklace”

Indeed; at the weekend when confronted her, you experience a suspicious breeze as though as you have already been there before. If you instigate an effort to open her fridge to have a coke, you see two apples, leftover pizza and an open jar of mayonnaise that is not tightly closed.

Surely; she has a resilient ability to maneuver any situation in the field of catering the teachers; she sits on her desk and crosses her legs and waits with a Mona Lisa smile to get some retribution for her latter disposition for class. Her arrangements to get the notebook, portfolio and pen-case are as choreographed as a Broadway musical. She takes exactly five minutes time on each major attempt to dispose her materials on her desk. Now, comes the unquestionable intention of participation which spawns shots of glances from different angles in the classroom and lasts exactly three minutes. Her anxiety for being recognized as “S.H.R.E.W.D” vociferates whatever comment that does not satisfy the teacher´s expectation.

When the class is over; there is no evidence of her retention knowledge. In fact, the only time you ever hear of her again is when the M.A.C.R.O (Moral and Conflict Resolution Officer) of the school calls her attention in the morning assembly; because her low self-esteem and insecurity do not let her speak for herself in a routine greeting “hello, hi, good morning, bye” or there is an indication that she or one of her associates has been writing a full of pink color letter that was confiscated in other class.

     Next on the list of this perceptive personality scale; you meet the sensible girl that cries for the spider that Cynthia Rylant killed with a SEARS catalog in the bathtub. Of course, if it is not the cause of her scream in the middle of the class when thoughts of impotence inundate her shaking hands and personality. She encapsulates in a sphere of victimization, “Why me´s” that becomes a litany of supplications that conquer the most minimal endeavor of self-defense.

Above all; she has an unattended hair and an air of “What is the point” about her appearance.   She is not necessarily beautiful in a conventional sense but she is ultimately intriguing. Miss. Sensibility has not much to say in class that deliberately generates on her a sense of discomfort and boredom scribed on her forehead in neon color. However; her sick sense of self-destruction is not perceptible, she vaguely orchestrates a perverse attempt not to follow the school rules.   This kind of girl gives the number to her associates and when someone reaches home; she spends several nights in a row, talking with that somebody whose number was inscribed on a glass window of other school bus until the sun comes up and stretches its arms.

In fact, she reveals her entire psyche to you with an intense vulnerability that makes her utterly losing track girl. She depicts in her heartfelt conversations that she is either a broken hearted and lonely, or tragically disillusioned by the world at large scale girl. Every class starts with more promise than doing her missing assignments, which generates on her a sense of a well-done job and minimum self satisfaction of searching the teacher for extra help that will be enunciated to her parents in the PTSC (Parent-Teacher-Student Conference) at the final marking period. She does not deserve so much endless and torrid pain on her shoulders.

     In the long run, the last and most certainly self-determinated girl whose character has been engraved on her brainpower as Mosses ten commands rock coming down from the Mount Sinai.

Miss congeniality: Her physical appearance is in the spirit of blossoming with great attitude and concern for the others. It is perceptible the essence of self-control, and her restraint on the negative outlook, her convictions lead her to be critic, self-reliant, respectful and respected.

In essence, she is skillful in dealing with the rebounds of her life, her strength, sagacity, sincerity, humbleness, sheer friendship and ferocious appetite for learning literally stored in her frontal lobe makes her a rational, down to earth and protective girl. In addition, her actions, persistence, ingenuity and appreciation for the others are the qualities of girl- per say woman that a man really needs to rule his life.

     In conclusion, Being considered as the most valuable person in our society is not only the reflection of the academic arena, but also the most spiritual being with real good judgment, ethical values and care for the others. It is a tendency in our school life that reflects the vices of our society; in consequence our schools supplicate for students in whose minds integrity and building the character words are scribed to reach the goals and envision the horizon. That is my girl!

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