The flower

Oval and soft petals

In red and most with yellow parts

Sure arrows in the grass.

Lina Ma. Gonzales. 7thA


Under the blue sea

There is more than just water

Other World is there.

Natalia Sanchez. 7thA


The rain falls slowly

And our hearts love in little

That is the nature.

Silvia castro.7thC


In summer the sun

Wakes up and the flowers grow

And the rain falls down.

Verónica Donado. 7thA


Orange as a fruit

With little leaves that have lives

Purple in our hearts.

Laura Duarte. 7thC


The seahorse swims here

In the wavy and blue sea

Blue as the sky is.

Ma. Alejandra Osorio. 7thA


The winter comes here

we wait for the sun to shine

but it disappears.

Natalia Mendez. 7thA


The waves of the sea

feel fresh and cool in the beach

the sky reflects it.

Lina M. Gonzales. 7thA


Some smell came there yet

the forest has green tall trees

trees love all the stars.

Daniela Baena. 7thA


Salty smell of sea

tearing all the water back

around into deep.

Ma. Camila Cortes. 7thA


The grass is green as

the beautiful stems of plants

shiny as the sun.

Mariana Garcia. 7thA


The rose in my heart

drops in the soil as the pearl

in sweet cotton world.

Valentina Diaz. 7thA


The beautiful rose

fallen from the highest tree

blowing silently.

Daniela Baena. 7thA


Peace and love are snow

pieces of sky fall to earth

going to the end.

Juanita Vargas. 7thB


Stars are our feelings

all is written in the sky

our past and future.

Camila Vargas. 7thB


Looking in the sky

see many colors in my mind

beautiful rainbow.

Laura Venegas. 7thB


Roses inspire love

they are red like my big heart

and of love they talk.

Juliana Pelaez. 7thB


The leaves shedding down

old and tired of living up

how lives are finished.

Maria Lucia Villamizar. 7thB



The beauty of life

the adornment of the world

simplest gift of love.

Melissa Pinilla. 7thB


Feel the vibrations

of the strings of my guitar

whose sounds fill my soul.

Vanessa Velasquez. 7thB


Last night see all stars

dancing with the pretty moon

playing with the sky.

Catalina Suarez. 7thB


Only Me

the musical theatre

the best thing that has the world

the moment is mine.

Natalia Ivirico. 7thB


Blue bird of my dream

ivory as the night moon

gold as the sun light.

Jessica Gonzalez. 7thC


In autumn plants grow

sadly in winter they’re burnt

and spines of life blew.

Mariana Sanchez. 7thC






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