6th Grade

English Literature

-Persuasive Paragraph-

________, at the age of 13, paces the classroom door of Sixth ___. Her rapid eye-movement and her breathing exhausted, back and forth. She waddles the passageway of her row. The teacher passes her; she notices nothing but the intoxicated feeling of getting a ticket. The classroom was bustled and the rest of the class was waiting for Mr.Mrtz´s order to sit down. Mr.Mrtz initiates his session by writing the protocol of the class. She sits down and waits for the class to begin with a Monalisa smile to get her retribution.


     Now that everyone is normalized in the class, the core of the encounter (the fun) begins. Date, topic and do now, “What is the Do Now Mr.Mrtz?” someone in the last spot of the classroom asks sheepishly. “It is to define the word homework and the implications in the students’ lives; what comes to your mind when a teacher enunciates the word homework?” Mr.Mrtz restates the question. Some students scowl. A giggling ecstasy moment inundates the 4X6 square room of Sixth ___.


     Having said that; a dozen of girls start providing their estimations and then Mr.Mrtz delivers the chore of distributing tickets to _______ who is one of his shrewdest students. 

     “Mr.Mrtz always gives us a great deal of homework” ______ says. “No. That is not true, he says that homework is optional”______ claims. “I think that homework should be elective as in Mr.Mrtz class” ______ says. “Well, Mr.Mrtz has the firm conviction that homework should be only for the study days not for weekends” ______ replies. “But he gave us time consuming projects” ______ declares. “Yes, but don´t you think that two months in advanced is enough to present a high-quality work”______ says. “It is imperative to organize our time in order to cover his expectations, don´t you think?”________ utters.


     I think homework should be for those students that cannot come up with the class assignments or expectations; in my opinion homework is generating an internal and external conflict in my house, homework is stressing, Homework is a great opportunity to preview, view, and review concepts from class. Homework facilitates students to obtain good grades; homework should be eliminated from schools. Homework is providing tools to reach to the university and bla, bla, bla,,,,,..


     There is a breeze on the air of scowling faces that impregnated the never-ending story part II when Mr.Mrtz intervens in the discussion.

     “Uncertainly, there is a point of discussion and each individual has his or her own thoughts and points of view regarding homework”

      My dear students, you have instigated a great opportunity to splash in the swimming pool of the elaboration of a Persuasive Paragraph: This paragraph tries to convince the reader of something. This type of paragraph may start with a phrase like: “I think that…” The support section may include sentences that start with, “One reason is…,” or “For example…” It may end with something like, “This is why I think that…” For example, you can write a persuasive paragraph telling why people should vote for you for class president.


     This week, we will work to write a good persuasive paragraph, one that tries to convince another person to either change or at least consider changing an opinion about something. Now, let’s read the following persuasive paragraph.


Sample Persuasive Paragraph



          Homework is an important part of the learning process in school. One reason is that homework gives students additional practice of skills covered in class; even though, sometimes it is time wasting and busy work at home that do not guarantee an effective learning. From north to south, and from east to west school classes are too short to teach a new concept and practice it sufficiently for students to master. Students need both guided practice in class and independent practice at home. Another reason for homework is that it provides time to complete longer assignments. For example, the ideal composition process allows time for students to think and to reflect on their ideas, as well as time to revise and to proofread their writing; likewise a persuasive essay. Also, reports and special projects often require research that cannot always be done at school. In addition, since all students do not work at the same speed, giving students time at home to finish work keeps them from falling behind. How about answering  the following question: How much amount of task is required?  A review of more than 60 research studies showed that, within certain limits, there is a positive correlation between the amount of work done at the achievement of students. The synthesis of the investigation also revealed that an excess of tasks can be extremely counterproductive. The task overload can cause children “burn out”. Supported by research, it was launched a “10-minute rule”, the commonly accepted practice of allocating 10 minutes of homework per day per grade level. For example, under this system, a 1st grader would receive 10 minutes of homework per night, whilst grade fifth students would get 50 minutes worth; 9th grader- 90 minutes of homework and so on. Some students, however has the capacity of doing homework in less time. Finally; the most important reason for homework is that it ensures to review new material and old material by practicing in daily assignments. Students who do their homework daily are prepared for tests and make better grades. In conclusion, not only is homework essential to mastering new skills and maintaining previously learned skills, but it also guarantees constant review and provides time for longer assignments, as well as additional time for students who need it. Students, do your daily homework, make better grades, and learn more! And do not complain.

Writing Good Persuasive Paragraphs:

First: Write down at least one idea for BOTH SIDES of your topic. For example, if your idea is, “fast food is bad for us,” then be sure to include:

a) It is a fact that fast food has higher fat than fresher, home made food. 
b) It is ALSO a fact that fast food is convenient when a person is in a hurry. (other side)

Second: Make sure you have at least THREE facts to support your opinion.

Another fact on fast food is that it is higher in calories due to frying, use of sugar and so on.

Third: Be clear on the ACTION you wish the reader to take.

For a paragraph on fast food, we may wish to say, “People would be wise to eat less fast food every week to preserve their health.” (Malala, 6thB)


1. Write a 125 to 150- word paragraph on ONE persuasive topic. 2. Include at least one sentence with an opinion AGAINST you to show that your idea is more persuasive. 

3. Include at least three FACTS with your opinions. Make sure each fact is true and can be checked by another person. Try to include one FACT from a newspaper, Internet, or other reference book to make your persuasion stronger.
Topics (Choose One):

Colombian cooking is better than (worse than) other country’s cooking. 

Children today are less healthy (more healthy) than 20 years ago.  

People today drive their cars too much (too little). 


It is a good idea (bad idea) for children to live with their parents until they marry. 


The transportation system in Bogotá is good enough (not good enough) for the public.

Internet use should (not) be prohibited for teenagers.

Electronic artifacts such as Mobile phones and I-pods at schools should (not) be permitted.

As a classrule scholars should (not) stand up when an adult or authority figure enters to the classroom. (Hint: Japanese education compared to our education)

The appropriate use of Facebook. (Hint: Five colombians´ convocation could gather millions of people around the world to freely express their rejection to the FARC and the kidnapping. Some other people use facebook to show their personal issues and denigrate about other people) 

Elective topic:


Week from May 12th to 16th

       Now, it is time for you to put all your ideas and concepts under the umbrella of the persuasive paragraph. If it is necessary to revise and analyze your persuasive ideas under the microscope of self-critic, do not vacillate at any moment. Do not think that a persuasive paragraph is a prefab writing model that addresses a certain sort of audience. IT IS JUST FOR YOUR CLASSMATES. Prioritizing your ideas will be a high-quality start; then move on your ideas.

     My dear students of sixth grades  – Laura, Mariaca, Carolina, Natalia, Nathaly, Sofia, Juanita, Laura Cris, Angie, Cami, Juli, Ana Maria, Ma. Alejandra G., Sarita, Dani Ortiz, Paola, Ma. Alejandra P. Laura P. Daniela T. and Marile- Daniela A, Natalia D. Catalina, Juliana F, Natalia G, Adelaida, Dani Gra. Ma.Alejandra G, Camila G, Laura H, Cata, Dani Mo.Dani Mu, Juli No, Laura Re, Laura Ri, Delly, Laura Marz, Nicole, Isa One and Isa Two, Dani Amor, ChrisAngel, Titi, Laura Dal,Mariaca, Cata, Laurama, Danielama, Jennifer, Monik, Malala, Nathaliamed, Mariacamo, MariaPau, Danielamu,Alejita, Linap, Cristinapi, Laurapri,Majo, Lele, Camilasa, Katherine, and Catalero.

     My dear studs try to elevate your concern and point of view to persuade your readers. Even though we have a strong dependency on the verb to be because it was the first verb that we learned, tend not to use it to the extreme. When you write your persuasive paragraph; my dear students, dive in and out in adopting a position. Keep in mind how to grab your potential readers; feel free and open to break certain rules of structure. You are not the last word at any topic and do not self attack on your own credibility.   

     In consequence to this; we will do our editing as a group because collective opinions and critiques are more valuable to the group. On our assigned workshop days, we will workshop all of the students ´papers among a round table of supportive and constructive fellowship. This is what I expect from you during the workshops.

The workshopped: All the students must provide everyone in the class with a hard copy of their persuasive paragraphs.

The workshoppers: all students in this case are responsible for reading their peers´ persuasive paragraphs and completing one page of THE PERSUASIVE PARAGRAPH RUBRIC FORM, given by Mr.Mrtz.

    It is imperative to enlighten you that, this is not a peer bashing. We keep our remarks cooperative and courteous, understanding that everyone in the class is learning and this is a positive environment of critiquing. Constructive criticism, not destructive criticism.

     Those being critiqued must also understand that the work is in question, not you as person. Amidst strong critiques, the attack is not one of personal bias but one of constructive education. Not all critiques are correct and you as the writer can and will push or propel some advice, analysis, aside as impertinent and useless. This is your time to be put under the microscope and to listen to the people around you comment on your writing, enjoy it, don´t fear it.


     Each persuasive paragraph and the rubric form completion will be considered and counted towards your 60%.

We are trying to improve everyone´s writing.


The best way to learn to write is by


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