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Meaningful Learning on Wheels


Teaching is the most rewarding experience a person could have. We become teachers when we have our first kiddo, then as they step on our paths when they are grown ups and not mentioning those who decided to be before an audience everyday: TEACHERS. But teaching or instruction is not just a simple task that requires to have the courage of a soldier, the stamina of the athlete, the diplomacy of a head of state and the charisma of a pop star; it requires TEACHING TOOLS. The class materials become an asset to every teacher when engagement and motivation peeps in the corner of the classroom. In order to involve our students in their learning- teaching process, it is required to have at handy CREATIVE and RESOURCEFUL classes that may boost a positive climate for learning. Based on this ideal classes, the ENGLISH LITERATURE class has empowered a  new methodology of second language learning, the implementation of the “MEANINGFUL LEARNING ON WHEELS” CART. With the application of this methodology, students have developed varied MENTAL OPERATIONS such as Analysis and Synthesis, coding and decoding, differentating, comparing and contrasting, divergent thinking, analogical and hypothetical reasoning among others. Students feel part of their process, when they are exposed to videos, audioscripts, erasable boards use, vocabulary dictations, interactive games, prezi and power point presentations, research and writing projects socialization, and language contests.

I only hope my students to grap a piece of LITERATURE that may enrich their lives through a different alternative of second language learning.


Old Dominion University, VA.


Bilingualism and Bilingual Education Specialist.

ESL PK-12 Certified Teacher by the Commonwealth of Virginia and North Carolina State.