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Teacher: Mauricio Martinez Martinez                                       Time limit: 45 minutes

Name: ____________Code:_______Grade 7th ____Date:__



____ 1. Irony is built upon the basic element of

a. suspense

b. comedy

c. surprise

d. conflict


____ 2. Irony comes from a Greek word that means

a. to be surprised

b. reversing expectations

c. a withholding of knowledge

d. to define something else


____ 3. When a character says one thing but means something else, the character is using

a. situational irony

b. verbal irony

c. dramatic irony

d. comic irony


____ 4. A mighty wizard who turns out to be a fraud man is an example of

a. situational irony

b. verbal irony

c. dramatic irony

d. simple irony


____ 5. Dramatic irony occurs when

a. characters know something that the reader or viewer does not

b. characters do something unexpected

c. a situation turns out tragically

d. the reader or viewer knows something the characters do not


____ 6. What type of irony is presented in “Little Red Riding Hood” when the wolf disguises himself as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother?

a. situational irony

b. verbal irony

c. dramatic irony

d. critical thinking


____ 7. Which of the following is most characteristic of situational irony?

a. A situation turns out to be exactly what we expect.

b. A situation turns out to be the opposite of what we expect.

c. A situation has to be explained with dialogue alone.

d. A situation occurs in which the characters reveal their motives.


____ 8. Which of the following is an example of verbal irony?

a. A soldier’s enemy turns out to be his brother.

b. A plainclothes officer is mugged.

c. The fastest runner on the track team is nicknamed “Turtle Legs.”

d. In a stage presentation, the audience learns that the hero’s drink is laced with poison.


____9. Situational irony occurs when…

a. a person says one thing but means something else

b. there is a contrast between what would seem appropriate and what really happens

c. the reader or audience has knowledge that the characters do not

d. there is a tragic ending


____ 10. Which of the following does not describe the role of irony in fiction?

a. It is only used to portray sad situations, not funny ones.

b. It keeps the reader interested through the use of surprise.

c. It can provoke strong emotions in the reader.

d. It can effectively portray what real life is often like.


The Gift of the Magi. O.Henry


____ 11. Della’s decision to sell her hair is provoked by

a. her own financial desperation

b. Mme. Sofronie’s repeated telephone calls

c. a casual remark that Jim makes about her hair

d. a picture in a magazine


____ 12. Before her hair is cut, Della

a. is excited and has no regrets

b. attempts to borrow money from her mother

c. experiences a moment of regret and hesitation

d. asks the landlord if he will accept a late rent check


____ 13. Jim’s expression upon seeing Della’s cut hair implies that he

a. is angry with her because she cut her hair

b. is thinking about his present for her

c. cannot see clearly without his glasses

d. wants the money from the sale of her hair


____ 14. Jim’s suggestion that he and Della put away the Christmas presents shows that he is

a. loving and practical c. tired of presents

b. unsentimental and cruel d. unforgiving and resentful


____ 15. The situation that best illustrates the Youngs’ financial state is

a. the gifts Jim and Della buy for each other

b. Della’s dealings with the grocer and the butcher

c. the kind of city in which they live

d. the couple’s evening greetings to each other


____16. Which of the following general statements describes the quality of Jim and Della’s relationship?

a. It is desperate and depressing.

b. It is based only on physical attraction.

c. It is full of lies and humiliation.

d. It is based on devotion and caring.


____ 17. Based on the mutual sacrifices in the story, which of the following generalizations can be made?

a. Love fades quickly in a relationship.

b. Actions can reveal love as strongly as gifts.

c. To receive love, sacrifices must be made.

d. Love is displayed through material objects.


____ 18. Which of the following items refers to an ironic situation in the story?

a. Della has only one dollar and eighty-seven cents.

b. The Youngs have a lower weekly income than they used to have.

c. Della does not need combs for her short hair.

d. Jim arrives home on time, despite heavy traffic.



____ 19. Which of the following items is an example of situational irony?

a. Della loses every penny that she has.

b. Jim has no use for a new watch chain.

c. Jim and Della have no money with which they can pay their rent.

d. Christmas comes only once each year.


____ 20. Which of the following items is untrue?

a. Della returns home with 1.87.

b. Jim has inherited the watch from his father.

c. Jim and Della live in a modest apartment.

d. Christmas comes only once each year.










Teacher: Mauricio Martinez Martinez

Time limit: 45 minutes


Name: ____________Grade 6th ____Date:__________



_____1.Why did the author write “Flood, Wrestling with the


a. to explain the causes and effects of the 1993 flood.

b. to describe what causes rainy seasons.

c. to tell how farmlands get covered with water.

d. to explain how levees are built.


 _____2. Why were the people in Niota awed by the prisoners?

a. Because, they were helping others steal other people’s possessions.

b. Because, they were helping others survive by assisting them in constructing levees.

c. Because, they were stealing goods and groceries from stores for the homeless people.

d. Because, instead of running away, they stayed locked in prison with the water up to their necks.


_____3. According to the selection “Flood”; it might be inferred that the main function of reservoirs near large rivers is:

a. they are used by people to orient rivers into different directions to avoid flooding.

b. they work as accumulation of water to irrigate plants and crops.

c. they function as water reservations for potable water.

d. they serve as basins to accumulate water and prevent the lands flooding.


_____4. How did the weather forecasters explain what was happening?

a. In early summer of 1993, people could only wonder and worry

because the storm clouds were building up again.

b. the hot, moist air was colliding with cold air, causing rain.

The rain was kept from leaving the Midwest by a mass of hot air in

the East.

c. Usually, storms broke up and moved East.

d. by the middle of July, rain had fallen on the Midwest for 49 straight



_____5.How is a levee raised?

a. they are made by following the structure of the city and the rivers

in the vicinity.

b. people pack bags with shovels and sand.

c. waiting for the river level, the constructors determine the height.

d ­. A wall of wooden boards must be built along the top of the levee, then beams and sandbags are used to support the walls.


_____6.Why did the city of Davenport, Iowa, suffer widespread flooding?

a. The city could not afford levees, and it had missed its chance

to have the federal government build them. Also the citizens didn´t

want to give up their view of the river.

b. The city could not afford levees, and it had obtained its chance to

have the federal government build them. Also the citizens didn´t want

to give up their view of the river.

c. The city could afford levees, and it had gained its chance to have

the federal government build them. Also the citizens wanted to give

up their view of the river.

d. The citizens could afford levees, and it had missed its chance to

have the federal government build them. Also the citizens didn´t want

to give up their view of the river.


_____7.Why did the farmers need the levees?

a. the farmers used them to store water in the damps.

b. the levees were used to protect their plantations.

c. to prevent the Mississippi from flooding their farmland.

d. to avoid the rivers come into their houses.


_____8.Why was the summer of 1992 cooler than usual?

a. because, the weather was changing due to atmospheric pressure.

b. a volcanic eruption in the Philippines had made the air hazy,

which cut off some of the sun´s rays.

c. Autumn was rainy and winter of 1992-93 brought heavy rains.

d. spring of 1993 brought heavy rains and winds of about 160 miles per hour.


_____9.Why do you think the author focuses on one levee district?

a. to show an example of what many people along the river did to

fight the flood.

b. the author focuses on one level because he was affected by

the flood.

c. the author decided to focus on one levee to affirm that team work

produced better results.

d. to show how people suffered the consequences of the global warming.


_____10.Why was one section of the levee a weak link?

a. it was made of earth only; it had been rebuilt with sand in the 1960s.

b. it was made of mud and got wet causing dripping through it.

c. it was not finished in concrete because the lack of resources.

d. it was constructed by people that did not know anything about construction.


_____11.How was Sny Island affected by levees breaking?

a. Somewhere upstream a levee gave away and affected the

Sny Island.

b. the city had an effect on the levees because the river held a large

quantity of water.

c. when the levees upstream gave way, water poured out of the river

and onto the floodplain, temporarily keeping or flooding over the Sny

Island levee.

d. Sny island underwent through a difficult and uncontrollable situation because the levees could not hold the water.


_____12.Why weren’t the floodwaters a problem south of Cairo?

a. in the Cairo city, the rivers are lower than the Mississippi.

b. because the Mississippi is much broader in the south and its

tributes there were low that summer, the populated areas of Cairo

were not flooded.

c. because the floodwaters were not caused by the tributaries.

d. El cairo was surrounded by tributaries that hold the water.


_____13.How did people know when the flooding was over?

a. the news reported an aftermath.

b. the rivers started decreasing the level. 

c. the rains stopped in the region.

d. The weather pattern slowly changed.


_____14.How did the media help save historic Ste. Genevieve from flooding?

a. people came to help to save it because it was a historic city.

b. the citizens started sending provisions like food, blankets and clothes.

c. Because of reports on television and in the newspapers, people

from miles away helped defend the city.

d. The Ste, Genevieve newspaper was delivered all around the country.


_____15.What text structure did the author follow?

a. She compares and contrasts what happened in different areas by

giving examples.

b. She used the main idea and the conclusion.

c. She decided to follow the pattern of relating events at the same

moment they were occurring.

d. She related the expository non-fiction story by giving the anecdotes of the people.


_____16. When could families return to their homes and farms?

a. after the rains stopped.

b. after the corps of engineers built  new levees.

c. after the floodwater drained back into the river.

d. before the livestock died.




_____17.Hersain Mauricio was….. by the large number of witches flying over his head in el desierto de la Tatacoa. in Neiva- Huila last holly week.

a. crested     

b. yearned  

c. awed  

d. seeping


_____18. The most fertile farming is found in the ….

a. reservoirs.

b. crested.

c. seeping.

d. floodplain.


_____19.The river rose so high that the ……. could no longer hold back the water.

a. reservoirs

b. levees

c. floodplain

d. crested


_____20. When the geyser erupted, we were ….. by the sheer force of the explosion.

a. yearned

b. awed

c. crested

d. seeping




Before submitting your creative, expressive, persuasive or expository writing project think of this:

Did I include VP or WTO accordingly?

Did I write it in double spaced format?

Did I write the reading connection on the cover?

Did I follow the guidelines?

Is it my first or second or even third draft the one I am submitting?

Did I submit it on time?

Did I make corrections on previous drafts?

Did I attach the previous drafts?


Have in mind that writing is personal and only requires a little bit of time, dedication, devotion and effort.







So those students who did not turn their first draft on this date will have to present it next week and they will get 70 in a date in which they were supposed to get an 80. With this condition students are reducing the possibilities to get a 100.

It is vital that you know that your first draft in any Writing Project is 70. You will need to present the second draft which will get 80, but if that draft doesn´t have any more corrections to make, you will get a straight 100. DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE AT LEAST TEN WORDS OF WTO OR VP ACCORDINGLY.